Thursday, 4 February 2010

House Searching

Joy and I are thinking to move out to a house as soon as the contract ends for this hall which we're stayin'. Flipping through papers and browsing nets these recent days...we are looking into:

  • Not To Far Away From Uni & Town
  • Reasonable Price
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Safety Area
  • Ideal Surrounding For Students

Leaflets distributed by different agency...

Marked to make an appointment for house viewing...

I'm grateful for the chance to make decisions myself now...
Praying that God guide us and make the right choice =D


KuangEe said...

glad that you have time on deciding this

KuangEe said...

Sorry,broken english, what I meant is you can have time to do this now. I will stay here, so I will be moving out as well after the end of contract. but still havent start search for it. Let me know if need flatmate. like with what you looking for,dn worry i am the gd roomate=D