Thursday, 4 February 2010

Most Happening Moment

14th Feb, the most happening day for everyone? Is everyone busy preparing for the day? Most couples fancy this day and can't wait for it, I'm sure... So am I, I'm gonna make it a great day as its such a special day, particularly for this year :p

I wish I could be with my loved ones back home...
Hmm~It just happens Chinese New Year falls on Valentines' Day this year! Wooow~how significant~ I'll be in Manchester over chinese new year with the bombard of uni's work. I'm glad it falls on weekdays though. Thank God that I have Joy[my sister] and friends to keep the cny's mood alive in UK! haha =)

If I were back home, I would have been to the CNY Market to do cny goods with my momm...
Plainly looking at this pic, I can already sense the warmth of being home for cny~