Wednesday, 17 November 2010

BlackPool, England

Before you could even feel the wind, you would see many people on the street with messy hair blown by strong wind. Umbrella is not at all useful on rainy day coz it just end up inside out. Your hair might tangle up by the end of the day, so girls, bring your combs if thats helpful ;p
Your hair could be like this.

Blackpool is a town situated along the seaside of North West England. Its one and a half hour away from Manchester on the train. Blackpool is still heavily dependent on tourism since more than a hundred year ago. However, the population growth has levelled off for some reason. I've been to Blackpool 5 times myself so i think its probably a bit sick to go again. I went the first time with my friends, twice with my family and twice for uni project[site visit].
Summer is definitely the best time to enjoy the sun, clear sky, seashore and beauty of the town. Make sure you pick the right day though, otherwise you'd be drenched in the rain. You won't want to go during the end of the season. The local people leave for travelling and many shops are shut til Easter from 5th November. The town would be literally dead for nearly half a year, hence the name. This is interesting coz it happens only in Blackpool as I was told.
Everytime I go, I come across new things, which it good despite how many times I've been.

Been for 5times and took over 300pics.
There are a few interesting landmarks in blackpool which I thought it was worth visiting:
Blackpool Tower

Mini Golf Land

Coral Island - One of the Amusement Park

North, Central and South Pier

Main Street

There are more places of interest [without pics]
like: Pleasure Beach, The Winter Garden, Sandcastle Water Park, Beach&Seashore, Blackpool Zoo. Btw, many people love the special atmosphere in the town, as well as the spectacular illuminations which were simply breathtaking.

Visit BlackPool by chance and let me know if its BlackPool/BlackPOO ;p

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