Thursday, 4 November 2010

Same Boring Background Yet...

The same boring background yet serves enjoyable moment! ;D
We all know webcam, aka web camera is widely known and makes life much easier nowadays.
Taking pics without a camera is absolutely fine coz webcam has play the role.

These pics were all taken in MY room which I used to live for 1st year in Manchester:) Its called Cambridge Hall. I was in a flat of 5 study bedrooms, shared kitchen and toilet. Every individual's room is private, thats what i like best about it, coz I'm a safety freak...haha.

Most of the uni halls, are limited for the new badge students to stay only for a year. Once the contract has end, we will have to move out from halls to a new private rent accommodation. Hence, I'm now staying at a new apartment; with 2 large double bedrooms, toilets, a living room, laundry room and a kitchen. Its definitely more spacious for me to do uni work:)
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