Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Gift For You

Walking pass many mobile shops, I spot this!

Yes! The LG-GD900-Crystal!

My dream phone! Should I say? haha...
I just love the way it is: the appearance, transparent keypad, cool features! I intended to get it when I first saw it. I talked to my parents about it and they actually agreed to let me buy it. At the same time, there were promotions on for some other mobile phones, which come with free PsP, Laptop, Wii or PlayStation3. It only comes with some specific phones that listed. Apparently, LG-GD900-Crystal didn't come with it, as its quite a latest phone. I couldn't be bother though, coz I didn't think I need any of the free gifts.
I thought of getting it during the weekend. So I informed my mom about it before I get it, and I also mentioned about the promotion that was going on. My mom was so please as Joel, my youngest brother, wanted a PS3 so much -.-"
What should I do? Hmm~ Should I go for my mine? Or should I change my mind?
Okie, so I thought, to have a look of the promotion phones see if I like any of them. Unfortunately, it took me a hard time to find one which I really like. My parents didn't say anything about it though. They would allow me to go for my choice if I would wanna get the LG-GD900-Crystal. Decision was on me.
I know Joel would definitely boost up in the air if I got him a PS3. After thinking it for a while, I went back to the shop, chose Nokia XpressMusic 5530 instead, which came with the PS3^^
I'm happy to see him happy. That is the greatest satisfaction =)
I'm gonna send it back home to him soon~ have fun, Joel!


KuangEe said...

oh mygosh,you buy the same mobile like me as well.haha.
btw how come i didnt get the PS3.