Monday, 25 January 2010

Preparation For London

Date : 21st Dec 2009
Time : 11pm

What to bring?
What to remember?
What to not miss out?

No omission was my concern. I took out all I wanted to bring along and then decide what was necessary. Gurls tend to be complicated in dressing, is that true? I do sometimes spend more than the time I expected to choose an outfit, not all the time. As long as I am fitted comfortable and look okie, that will be fine.
Anyway, I took hours to pack a luggage.

Feel so good to see my room in this condition. Clean and tidy...
Yeaaah! Happy Holiday ^^


KuangEe said...

ya i like your room "as well"(cause mine also clean like you)hah.act that chair play an important role.It won't look perfect without moving the chair close to the table , am i rite!...
have a small talk with you that night .msn.

KuangEe said...

btw you seem like copy my design. uncover light, year planner on bottom of it and computer on the table(use mac as well).=p