Saturday, 30 January 2010

Portraits Which Never Fade

These people are too lovely for me to stay away from =)
Pictures taken on my Grandpa's 71st Birthday Dinner Night [26-09-2008], which was about 1 & a half year ago, when I was 18.
I'm wondering why are the pictures quality so bad after uploaded -.-"

Love this pic best!

All family members have dimples except me, but this picture shows as if I do have one [if you can see], hehe

We look different but we are one heart =)

Oops! the twins?

Like mother like daughter?

Joel & Joy [Joel is much taller now, abt 175cm]


Willan Chew said...

this is the mood when cny is just around the corner isnt it. haha. worry not, there are people called Friends when Family is missing. LOL~

Jane HopeInHIM said...

Huhuh, true ;) thanks, I wonder how would it be like with friends instead of family members around over cny, will be a good one I suppose :)