Monday, 15 November 2010

Flash Back of Old Times

26-09-2008 family portrait of the year. [favourite above all pics]

Looking at the calendar, am thinking how time passes in just a blink of eyes.
Its been a year and 2months now in the uk.
And I'm doing good, thank you ;p
Thank God that I'm very well-taken care of by the lovely people and friends around me. Everything has been coming along alright so far. Manchester is just nice for me despite of the gloomy weather throughout the year. I've been picking up students various kinds of accent in the city. And its the variety that makes my interests for English boost further.

UK-United Kingdom!!! Just seemed how impossible I am to be here right now. Remember the song 'London Bridge Is Falling Down", which I came across at the age of 3, when I didn't even know what was actually sang out of my lips. Well, my point is, London used to appear to be a long way off from me, a beautiful spot in the world which I couldn't reach. I didn't think I would actually be in UK someday, yet indeed God's grace has brought me through my dreams. Being far away from home, its no doubt that I'm missing home lotsss, and still I truly do...


Darren said...


Build it up with iron bars,
Iron bars, iron bars.
Build it up with iron bars,
My fair lady!