Wednesday, 3 November 2010

First Surprise of The DAY

oke up from bed in the morning with a smile on my face knowing that its another new day.
And its my also my 20th birthday :D

And what is that to do with this pictures?

To be honest, I wouldn't think the people in the pic would do this for me. Its not that they are not nice people, obviously they are. Its just that I have never expected this somehow. You might think its not a big deal by uploading just a simple pic as a birthday gift, but little things make big differences. You wouldn't know how much you would impact a person's life by just doing something which people would think its not necessary, or couldn't be bothered with.

I was completely astonished when I logged onto facebook and saw hundreds of greetings and particularly this pic, which was tagged by WeiNi [1st from right] on 2nd Nov, in the morning, uk time. Looking at the picture, it warm instantly right from the bottom of my heart. This pic speaks it all. I appreciate the love, care and effort, most importantly, thank God for HE has brought us together.

Every birthday marks the grace of God, it reminds us how much he loves, bless and strengthen us. Once again it brings to mind that God has been holding our hands all along the way since the day we were born.

p/s: Thanks again girls! May God bless all of you you all :))


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bombastic ;p

friendstalk said...

nice post! we are happier than you when you are happy =)
want more photos can get from me ^^