Thursday, 4 November 2010

Manchester Art Gallery, England

I'm undertaking BA[Hons] Interior Design in Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. I'm currently on 2nd year by the way. This task is called Re-Reading: The Movie, and it was part of the assignments of year 1, which was given on April'10. Its been a while now. Just thinking of sharing it on my blog. Obviously, it says on the project brief [pic above] clearly what had to be done. The building that I looked into was Manchester Art Gallery.

"Formerly known as the City Art Gallery, the Manchester Art Gallery houses what is claimed to be one of Britain's best art collections and has recently undergone a £35m makeover. This is the largest of Manchester;s Art galleries, and houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures,
and ceramics, with paintings by Turner, Stubbs and Gainsborough. The collection includes over 2,000 oil paintings, 2,000 watercolors, 250 sculptures and over 10,000prints."
-Manchester Art Gallery-

It took me roughly a day to analyze [including capturing vids and pics] the building. The vid that i made for this project took me about 7hrs to complete. The main reason was: I had never had experience making video before. I thought it was a good try though :)
Hope you enjoy...