Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bye Autumn Term

Autumn term has come to an end. We have three weeks off before spring term starts for uni. Few days back, pepole have been packing stuffs, dragging their lauggages on the street, one after one they went. Many home students had gone back home, happy for them~Indeed home is always the most secure and best place to be. ~Home~ reminds me this:

Home is where your memories are,
its where your secrets are kept.
Home is where you're happiest,
yet home is where you've wept.
Home is where your parents live,
it's where you're raised.
Home is where you've been scolded most,
yet home is where you're praised.
Home is where you make it,
it's when you believe the myth.
That home is when you're happy,
just to love the ones you're with.

Wherever I go, these words serve me when I miss HOME^^

Three weeks holidays ~I'm going to make mine to the fullest. Of course, home is the best but I'd prefer to back for longer period during summer holidays. First week, Joy-my sister and I will be in London to meet two of our aussie cousins over Christmas. We are excited about it, really...And for the following weeks, still not sure yet how would it be.
Basically, I'll need to finish up some left out course work, doesn't look much but its actually quite a lot to do. I might as well do more reading for the course, hopefully I do~
Hmm~ have a week of break then I'll think about it again.
Weary brain, weary eyes, physically and mentally tired for the busy week. [But at least, thank God I have a helpful lecturer to lend me a hand anytime.] Anyway, I need a rest and should be sleeping now, waking for shopping tommorow. Goodnight =)


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