Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tune Out In Class

Today's lecture was the last one for the term, all I wanted was to attend and get all work submitted. How I wish I were in Harbour Island, had a quite laze in the hammock after submission. whoo~ Unfortunately, imagination doesn't come true.
Well, let's face the realistic then. I struggled to get up from bed, then got myself prepared and head to the uni. The class was quiet when i opened the door as the lecture was already on.
My bad, I was late for 10minutes. I grabbed myself a chair and sat on the last row.
Not many mates turn up though. As i know, some had dropped the course;
some went back hometown;
and some would prefer to tuck in their bed instead,
to not get into the rain in this early morning i guess.

When the lecture was on, everyone was concentrating whilst there were few were whispering, sitting impatiently, laze indolently unto the chair. Meanwhile, I noticed her. A course mate of mine, whom is about my mom's age, married and has children. Friendly is a word that i can use on her, indeed she smiles and talks to me whenever we meet. She was at the corner of the third row today, which is just three rows before mine. She was in pink top. Such a soothing colour which translates relaxation and ease of mind. However, she was frowning, with her fist on her cheek, crossed legs, staring at the chair in front of her, looking restless, wasn' t very much focus on the lecture. Seems she got stressed up with something. She grabbed my attention. I started wondering and curious about what is circling in her mind.

My thoughts were : Is she encountering problems of
[1] Family? - as a housewife
[2] 5 children - as a mom
[3] Uni's work? / Submission dues? - as a student
[4] Manage both equally? - at once
[5] Physically exhausted? - for all

I have no clue about it. Well, it might not be what i thought or she wasn't at all thinking anything. It's all out of my curiosity. If she did, I feel sorry and hope everything turns right for her ^^

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6