Thursday, 17 December 2009

We Only Part To Meet Again

A farewell party was organized last night for my two flat mates [Teresa & Joanne] whom are flying back to Hong Kong soon. We got some other Malaysian from the other flats to join as well. The larger group we are, the more fun we have. I decided not to let both the Hong Kongese cook. Let us cook them nice food. I found that it is not an easy task to do so. I started cooking from 6-8pm, I was exhausted after cooking as it was a long day for me in the uni. It was a good night though.

'Ma Po' Bean Curd by Veng

Fish Fillet by Veng

Smashed Potato by Desmond

Chicken Curry by Desmond

Belly Pork In Oyster Sauce by Me^^

Mix Veg with Bacon by Me^^

Nuggets by Me^^

Food was not all. Of course we never forget about photoshoting session. haha!

When tha party was half way on,
I distributed christmas cards that I prepared for everyone.
I dropped words from the bottom of my heart in it.
So, all cards they had have different contents.
Most if them opened right after they received.
I happy to see them reading the card with smiling faces.
Teresa opened hers too, she read it.
She couldn't held it, she burst out,
made me couldn't held my tears too.

After a while, she was alright. I'm sure i'll miss them much, will miss Teresa jumping unto my back whenever she hugs me, and also Joanna's 'trumpet' voice. I will miss seeing them around, eating with them, chit chatting in the room, having fun together, do homework together ,etc... We enjoyed being together and I believe this will not be the last time we see each other. These gurls will bever be fogotten, they are lovely people that left beautiful footprints in my life.

~Safe Journey My Dear Buddy~