Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm Finally In! ^^

Finally...I'm in! I intended to start a blog but somehow didn't get it done until now.
Some people are please with this I'm sure as I was persuaded ceaselessly to create an account to write mine. Hopefully I really do make this a point to not update it only once a year...haha!
Its my interests to read the others' blog. And now is my turn to present my own =) What a fresher!
By the way, I'm Jane, a common name but I'm definitely unique in my way, you'll find out! =D
HopeInHIm is the nick that i always put with my name in order to remind myself that I always have hope in HIM, my God. No doubt, I'm a christian ^^
And why "Just As Nothing Else"? Was thinking of phrases or words that related to me but had no idea. Somehow a thought just struck off to have J.A.N.E, hence "Just As Nothing Else", might not make sense though :p